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The Next Evolution of Capital: A Guide

Your guide to investors who are rethinking venture capital


Capital can play a major role in increasing entrepreneurial starts and successes, yet access to capital is highly uneven. Today’s “one size fits all” venture capital model has led to a concentration of capital in very few people, places, and industries, while leaving far too many promising entrepreneurs on the sidelines.

As a result, entrepreneurs have trouble finding funding options that suit their needs — or are not able to get their foot in the door in the first place.

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Fortunately, we’re seeing an evolution of capital — alternative capital structures that work for a broader range of entrepreneurs, and a new wave of investors that have built inclusion into their investment theses.

Explore this guide to learn more about these inclusive strategies that might be a fit for your business.

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Check out this directory of inclusive capital investors. Be sure to complete your profile on, to learn which investors are a match for you!

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